Motocross Biker

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Motocross Biker is a pre-rigged animated cartoon character for use with the Dirt Bike prop. This item was modeled in Anime Studio and is provided with preview movie clips, the first showing the biker alone as supplied, and the second showing the biker doing a stunt pose on the dirt bike, which is available separately.


1. Anime Studio or Anime Studio Pro 5.6 or later
2. toonprops_motocross_biker.anme file (included in the Motocross Biker zip file)
3. toonprops_dirt_bike.anme file (available separately at or
4. Apple QuickTime Player (freely available at to play the preview movie clips “” and “” (included in the Motocross Biker zip file)


1. Open “toonprops_motocross_biker.anme” file using Anime Studio or Anime Studio Pro.
2. If the Current Time Indicator (the little red triangle attached to a vertical red line that runs through the Timeline, when the animation is being played) is not set to frame zero, do so now, by clicking on frame zero in the Timeline window.
3. Import one of several dirt bikes from the “toonprops_dirt_bike.anme” file, by choosing File > Import > Anime Studio Object.. then locate and double-click the “toonprops_dirt_bike.anme” file to open the “Insert Object” dialog box. Select a bike of your choice then click “OK.”
4. In the Layers palette click on the small triangle icon on the “motocross_biker” bone layer to reveal the embedded vector layers named “left_arm,” “left_leg” etc.
5. Click on the triangle icon on the bike folder layer (named either “yellow_bike” or “blue_bike” etc. according to your choice) to also reveal the layers embedded in this folder layer.
6. From the bike folder layer, drag the top-most layer (“front_wheel_suspension”) into the “motocross_biker” bone layer and position it between the “pants_seat” and the “right_leg” vector layers.
7. Then drag the “front_wheel” layer into the “motocross_biker” bone layer and position it just below the “front_wheel_suspension” layer.
8. Drag also the “bike” bone layer into the “motocross_biker” bone layer and position it just below the “front_wheel” layer.
9. If the “bike” bone layer is not selected, do so now, by clicking on this layer.
10. In the Timeline window, drag a marquee around the 3 keyframes shown at frames 1, 9, and 18 (in the Bone Angle channel), to select them all.
11. Click and hold the center keyframe (or any of the other two keyframes) and drag all 3 keyframes along the timeline until the leftmost keyframe is now located at frame 228. The middle keyframe should now be at frame 236 and the rightmost keyframe now located at frame 245. These 3 keyframes control the slight bounce of the dirt bike as the front wheel hits the surface.
12. Click anywhere in the Timeline window to de-select the keyframes, then right-click the keyframe at frame 245 and choose “Cycle…” to open the “Cycle Interpolation” dialog box. If the radio button for “Absolute” is not selected, do so now, then enter the number 228 in the text-entry field for the value. Click “OK.” You’re done. Click the “Play” button to see your animation.
13. Select and delete the imported bike folder layer which is now empty and save your animation as a new .anme file, to preserve the original work file with its default keyframe settings, as a back-up file.
14. Export your movie to QuickTime or other video file format and play as a looped animation.

Apple, Apple QuickTime, Anime Studio and Anime Studio Pro are either registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

Artist/Seller: ToonProps
Software: Moho (Anime Studio)
License: Commercial
Price: 1.99 USD